2001 A VERY GOOD YEAR TO INVEST (in my opinion)

I absolutely love to look trough the fashion runway archives, here is my pick of the pieces that I wish I had invested in back in 2001 (had I not been a poor fashion student!), truly showing ‘what goes around comes around’ and that if we are going to change our mindsets about how we consume fashion, it starts at really valuing the pieces we buy and wearing for years to come. We can be creative about how we wear older items and make this a fun task, updating slightly along the way if needed, we should see this as a style challenge to set ourselves, and surely the satisfaction we’ll all get from this will be worth more than the endless throw away pieces we are bombarded with on a daily basis, that short sharp hit we initially get from something new that very quickly fades away. Investing big or small on something we’ve thought about for sometime and finally purchasing that piece with the intention to love and value it for years to come surely means so much more and in turn will help us get back to some form of consumer equilibrium… There are many ways we can all reduce, reuse and recycle and I’m very much of the school of thought better the majority do something imperfectly than the minority 100% perfect all the time, doing small things everyday and most importantly retail marketers and social media (thats influencers and brands) changing their mentality about ‘new in’ ‘must buy’ is a big step forward, alas it won’t happen over night. I have seen a lot happen over this year and I am far from perfect myself I love to shop! But seriously we do need to re-evaluate our shopping behaviours, if we are one step further to saving the planet.

So on that note I’ll leave you with these images I have selected and hope you get inspired both from an aspirational and creative level and a conscious consumer mindset.

Happy style absorbing! x

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Jil Sander SS01

Prada SS01

Loewe SS01

Narciso Rodriguez SS01

All imagery via Livingly

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